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Kozaryn Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Beginnings of our company reaches early 1990s. It was established in 1991 that was the period of risings normal market rules, which also concerned private transport market. From the beginning the our target was professional service providing for our customers for internal and international transport.
Starting from: "To this end, we successfully acquired an additional 40 Mercedes kits in 2018-2019, mainly for the transport of BDF swap containers. In the first times we disposed trucks of light weight, after that semi-heavy and then also heavy capacity. Mile stone for the evolution of our company was in 1998 when we gained international transport concession. From this time it started to evolve dynamic.
Our next challenge, that we also handled better than a lot of our business competitors, were transport market problems caused of recession started from second half of 2008. All the changes and prominent decrease of transport loads caused that a lot of companies that did not fulfill rising market requirements just disappeared.
Mainly because of professional attitude to quality of customer service and long-term partnership with high demanding customers we made it to safely endure this difficult times.


It also should be noticed that our trucks and their professional supervising fulfilled and fulfill the standards that often are unavailable for other small and middle transport companies. We are still increasing amount of road trains that belong to our fleet, but at the same time we are still replacing our eldest trucks. Because of that we can guarantee for our customers 100% of safety during transports of the goods that has been entrusted us. For this purpose till end of this year 2013 we are planning to purchase another 20 brand new road trains of Mercedes. At the time where we are now, our priority is not increase as much as it is possible but stable, comfortable evolution that is based on mutual trust and high quality of services.

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Kozaryn ekonomia

Economy and common sense

From the beginning we have created our company with idea of carriages high volume road trains and because of light goods we decided for trucks that maximum capacity reached 4 tone. Our fleet was builded with Mercedes Ategos (volume of truck and the trailor total 118 cubic meters), so perfect and confirmed quality which additional advantages were small fuel consumption and breakdown statistics.

It is also really important that they are not subject of any traffic restrictions (for example because of heat) – it also affects the price and rate of service realization.

Ecology and social responsibility

From our first days we chose ecology and environment protection. Often it was connected to higher cost but we knew that our effort will prove condition of further generation and natural environment. About our attitude testifies the fact that in 2000 we bought couple of first on our market road trains that fulfilled difficult standards of Euro 2 “S” so ecological certificate.

After that in 2002 it came out Euro 3 “S” standard – and it caused that couple of those vehicles were driving for us. Following this trend in 2006 we bought Mercedes Actroses that were compatible with Euro 5 standard that came out in 2009!

For sure you asks how is that possibile? Here comes an answer. Our road trains are regularly replaced after accomplish aprox 1.000 thousand kilometers – it means about 6-7 years of constant work. They are still in perfect technical shape because our mechanics and drivers are responsible for the quality of the trucks, their equipments and of course the safety of carried loads. Technical progress, evolution of technology and raising ecological standards makes us base on quality and safety, not only on the prices. Today we are sure that this way was our best choice and satisfaction of our customers confirms that all over.

Except that we gained in 2007 ISO quality certificate that we base our work on and also HACCP certificate that allows us to carry food industrie goods.

Supervising, evolution and self-improvement

We are happy about the fact that our drivers values working in company “Kozaryn”. More than half of them works with us over 7-10 years and we all know that we can always rely on them. We also know that they use efficient and safe vehicles and their skills are on the high lever. It does not mean that we are not trying to get for us and for our customers additional protection which is 24/7 vision by GPS system where our trucks are. It has been working for us since 2000 and for all these years it just confirmed it was good idea.

Our experienced dispositors makes sure that all everything is under control during every stage of transport service.


Nowadays we are proud for everything that you could read above and mainly because for all those years we gained reputation of solid, punctual and reliable transport company. We own large vehicle stock – because we know that to be sufficient for all requirements of our customers the only way is to base on your own fleet. We hope that our offer will appear interesting for you and allow to cooperate satisfactorily on the long-term way.

Based on only proven solutions in the field of cargo transportation, we offer you the certainty of delivering goods entrusted to us on time.